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Women: Issues, Events & Concerns

Friends Talking and Consoling
Friends Meeting and Talking
Woman weighed down from head to toe with love.
So much in love.
Lady with wings flying in the sky and empowering herself.
Fly High Lady, Fly High
Woman sitting in chair thinking happy thoughts
Happy Thoughts
Those Negative Thoughts
Traveling Lady • Hurry • Traveling for Work • Promotion
Who Are You? (Peer Pressure)


I Am Woman, I Can Fly-Amer. Kestral Bird
I Am Women, I Can Fly-Butterfly
Not Listening To No Paper Doll
Reflecting Fondly
Me Too • Sexual Harrassment
Dancer 1
Dancing • Exercise • Motion
Dancer • Exhileration • Excitement
Friends • Loyalty • Kindred Spirits
Multi-faceted Lady • Creative Person • Identity
Scream • Shocked • Fear
We The Women • Voting
Workplace Equality
Working Mother
Business Meeting / Interview
Lotions & Potions