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New Illustration: Are You a Team Player?

People of all ages, races, genders, beliefs coming together as  team players.

New Illustration: Are You A Team Player?

Asking if you are a team player in your personal life and your business life (career) means looking to see if you are fair to each other.
Are you a team player? Do you try to get along in meetings by sharing your ideas, suggestions or comments?
As an illustrator, I work alone but I have to connect with my client to find out exactly what they are looking for, what the illustration will be used for (editorial, post or article, other), how often it will be used and where it will be used in order to give an estimate of cost and usage.
This illustration can be used for many types of posts or articles dealing with playing well together irregardless of gender, age, race or beliefs. It is a positive view of all types of people working together for a common goal.
Can you use this illustration in your next project? Contact me to get a quote. It can be located in the Business/ Work portfolio section.
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