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New Illustration on Recycling and Saving Our Environment

Grocery Cart with Paper Bag of Groceries
Recycle and Save the Environment

Our environment needs help now by recycling more of our waste materials. Recycling is one of the social issues that we face in our daily lives. The environment is one of those issues that I illustrate. We are also dealing with a coronavirus pandemic, and shopping is  let’s not forget to recycle.

It is important that we think about our future generations. And try to solve some of the problems that past generations have caused to the decline of our environment.

Our environment is heating up and our weather is creating turbulent storms, flooding and dangerous situations for large groups of people.

Scientists are predicting that time is running out for us to correct some of these issues. We need to speak up and face the fact that we need to find solutions now. We are running out of time because the clock has been ticking for too long.

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