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Working With Graphic Designers & Illustrators June 16, 2020

What Do Graphic Designers Do For You? Working with Graphic Designers and Illustrators can be confusing if you don’t know what to expect. Graphic Designers or Graphic Artists are visual designers or visual consultants who use typography (text), photographs, and illustration to create all that you see everywhere around you,… Read more

New Illustration on Recycling and Saving Our Environment April 8, 2020

Our environment needs help now by recycling more of our waste materials. Recycling is one of the social issues that we face in our daily lives. The environment is one of those issues that I illustrate. We are also dealing with a coronavirus pandemic, and shopping is  let’s not forget… Read more

New Illustration: Are You a Team Player? March 4, 2020

New Illustration: Are You A Team Player? Asking if you are a team player in your personal life and your business life (career) means looking to see if you are fair to each other. Are you a team player? Do you try to get along in meetings by sharing your ideas,… Read more