Money / Finance

Wall Street
Losing Money
Growing Money
Trading With Other Countries
Workplace Equality


People of all ages, races, genders, beliefs coming together as a team
Are You a Team Player?
Tracking Time • Catching Up • Taking Time
Deadlines • Wasting Time • Rushing
Working Mother • Doing it All
Coexisting • Diversity • Gender
Traveling Lady • Hurry • Traveling for Work • Promotion
Graduation • Looking for Work • Global Working


Washing and taking care of your hands with lotions.
Soaps and lotions for hand care.
Healthcare Decisions • Healthcare Options • Disability • Pre-existing Conditions
Doctor Bag • Office Visit • Primary Doctor
Sleeping Problems • Opioid Addiction • Addiction to Pills
Birth of Baby • Sick Baby
Jobless • Homeless • Need Food

Other & Specific Events

Missile Attack • Security
Oscar Awards
Presidential Flakes 2008
Creative Arts

Black & White Spots

3 Cactus Flowering
3 Girlfriends • Hanging Out • Having Fun
Dating • Going Out w/Friends • Waiting Together
Hillary Clinton Cartoon
Raking Leaves • Environment • Fall
Doctor Bag • check up

Sketches and Patterns

Determined Lady
Multi Color Lady
Orange Flower
Intricate Design